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mowing lawn with push mower Why do we go to the trouble of trying so hard to grow our grass, just to go out there and cut it?  Indeed, some people take their lawn care so seriously it is practically a sport.  That being said, a lush, green lawn is beautiful to behold!

Of course, mowing your lawn is key to keeping it in top form.  How often you mow your lawn will depend upon your climate, rainfall, and how fast it grows.  In most cases, your lawn must be mowed about once or twice a week during growing season.

riding lawn mower There are all kinds of products designed to make mowing your lawn easier.  If your lawn is a reasonable size, you may want to mow your lawn with a push mower.  But if your lawn is large, you may opt for a sit-down mower instead.  Those who are environmentally conscious and like lots of exercise may even go the old-fashioned route with a non-motorized push mower.  These types of lawn mowers don't make noise, don't need gas, and are powered only by human muscle!

So how do you know which mower to choose?  A good rule of thumb is to first decide how many hours you want to devote to mowing your lawn.  If it takes two hours a week or less to mow your lawn with a push mower, then a push mower is probably a fine choice.  But if it takes you four hours a week to mow with your push mower, you may want to invest in a ride-on mower or even a lawn tractor.

Of course, the best mower is a hired mower!  If it fits your budget, there are probably a number of lawn services in your area which promise to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.  All you have to do is admire it!

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Lawn Mowing - Push Mowers and Riding Mowers

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