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lawn tractor illustration Lawn tractors are popular alternatives to power lawn mowers, especially for large lawns.  Larger than a riding mower and smaller than a garden tractor, a lawn tractor is ideally sized for mowing one or two acre lawns.  In recent years, increased competition has driven prices for well-equipped tractors to well under $1,500, and major brands are including more standard features in popular price models.  Lawn tractors will typically mow a 36 inch to 48 inch swath and can attach a variety of carts, plows, and other implements.  Low cost, gear-driven tractors are available for about $1,000 whereas automatic drive models with hydrostatic transmissions may range up to about $2,500.

green lawn tractor close-up If your lawn has edges with small radii, consider buying one of the tight-turning or "zero-turn-radius" tractor models that are more agile and maneuverable in small spaces.  Most lawn tractors produce relatively high noise levels, so do wear ear protection when using any tractor.  Be sure to buy from a dealer who offers pickup and delivery service for a nominal fee when your tractor requires periodic maintenance.

red lawn tractor and mower Riding lawn mowers are becoming more popular as prices become more reasonable and premium features are now part of the package.  All tractors can discharge clippings on the side, and most include a mulching accessory that puts the clippings in the lawn, not on top of it.  Mulch bagging kits are also popular accessories, though they do add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the mower.  Depending upon your needs, there are attachments that allow your mower to clear snow, tow a cart, or plow a garden.

Some larger tractors can be used for gardening and landscaping tasks as well as lawn maintenance.  They feature a variety of optional accessories, from front loaders to tow-behind tillers, and may include hydraulic controls.

Here on, we feature a few basic lawn tractor safety tips and mower selection guidelines as well as a list of lawn tractor manufacturers.  You can also learn how grass lawns became popular during the nineteenth century as various lawn mowing machines were invented and developed.

Visit the lawn equipment manufacturer sites listed below to find features and specifications on the latest lawn tractor models and options.

Lawn Tractor Manufacturers

  • John Deere > Riding Mowers
    Find riding lawn mowers, power equipment, and accessories for your lawn or garden.
  • Toro Lawn Tractors
    Leading manufacturer of riding mowers and lawn tractors for the homeowner.
  • Snapper Riding Mowers
    Yard and garden tractors blend comfort, performance, and versatility into an exciting design.
  • Troy-Bilt
    Known for building quality lawn tractors and zero-turn riding mowers as well as other types of lawn and garden power equipment.
  • Sears Lawn & Garden Riding Mowers & Tractors
    Offers a wide range of lawn and garden tractors, plus rear-engine riding mowers.
  • Husqvarna
    This Swedish firm designs and manufactures a wide selection of riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, and lawn care products.

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